About RemedyView

Web-based radiology
RemedyView™is a new web-based platform for radiology. Used in conjunction with digital imaging, radiologists receive requests to read patient exams for their clients online. A fast and intuitive worklist interface allows instant access to clinical reports for each case. Integration with DICOM/PACS means each case's imaging exam can be found and displayed automatically on the diagnostic workstation for reading. Findings and conclusions are easily submitted and updated instantly, allowing client access to completed reports from anywhere online.

eFilm integration
RemedyView is integrated with eFilm Workstation®, the most widely used diagnostic workstation in the world.  This allows the requestor to create and submit the report for the requested case right from the patient exam in eFilm.  The radiologist reading the case can launch the correct patient exam instantly from the RemedyView worklist, taking advantage of eFilm's Image Channel streaming, making RemedyView the fastest and easiest teleradiology program available.. 

Use in any DICOM environment
RemedyView has also been extended to work in non-eFilm environments.  This means requests/reports can be created and submitted straight from the RemedyView worklist without the need to launch them from the workstation software.  Any clinic or hospital that uses DICOM-compliant imaging can transmit patient exams and use RemedyView to send reports requesting their radiologist to read those exams.  RemedyView also intends to continually add integration and connectivity with other PACS, RIS and practice management systems to streamline workflows in more environments over time.

RemedyView is a trademark of Appcur Group  |  eFilm Workstation is a trademark of Merge Healthcare.